Author: Marshall Moore

Update, plus a few random musings.

Here’s the latest. There’s a new publication impending, a scholarly article on the subject of writer’s block. “Articulate Walls: Writer’s Block and the Academic Creative” (I think that’s...

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Two recent academic conferences

In other news, I’ve just returned from a trip to Barcelona and London. In both cities, I presented papers at academic conferences. In Barcelona, I attended the conference III Congreso Internacional Visiones de lo...

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A Garden Fed by Lightning: a couple of reviews

A Garden Fed by Lightning has received a couple of new(ish) reviews, both quite positive: From The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide (reviewed by Dale Boyer): “…Moore is definitely an “idea” writer, but he’s hard to...

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Update, May 29 (yes, this is long overdue)

I didn’t realize how much time had passed since the last update to this blog. Mostly this was to do with needing to finish my PhD, which I did — a year ago. I suppose the interval since then has been about...

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“Too Much Light Makes the Day Go Blind”

Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction has accepted my short story “Too Much Light Makes the Day Go Blind” for its upcoming issue 51, which should be out in April or thereabouts.  I haven’t done much with my short...

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