Author: Marshall Moore

Call for submissions: Expat Women in Asia

Here is a call for submissions for an upcoming anthology from Signal 8 Press:Expat Women in Asia: Call for SubmissionsEditor Shannon Young is seeking contributions from expatriate women in East Asia for a new anthology from...

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Body 2 Body

For various reasons, I've had more time on my hands this summer than I was expecting I would.  Although I've been doing a lot of intensive reading in the area of American magical realism (more on why later), I have...

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Late July updates.

Yet again, another lapse in the updates.  I really must get better at this.1. In addition to the two e-bookstores I announced earlier, we've partnered with three more e-retailers here in the Asia-Pacific...

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Black Shapes and TCS e-book files

This is the part where I confess to being mortified, hang my head, and say mea maxima culpa in abject tones.  I've had the Kindle versions of Black Shapes in a Darkened Room and The Concrete Sky redone.  They were...

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Long-overdue update!

Quite a lot has happened in the last few months.  I always think I should post an update here and then, inevitably, I forget.1. New e-book markets: We're expanding the number of places where our e-books are sold....

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