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Never Turn Away

Never Turn Away is a collection of Marshall Moore’s work from the 10 years since his debut novel The Concrete Sky was published.

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Bitter Orange

Seth Harrington can be invisible or undetectable, but he is not a superhero. The ability only works in morally grey situations; the rest of the time, he can’t turn it on and off at will.

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The Infernal Republic

Comprising stories published between 2003 and 2009, as well as several unique to this book, The Infernal Republic is Moore at his best: surreal, hilarious, wise, brutal, and sometimes just plain wrong.

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Black Shapes in a Darkened Room

Black Shapes in a Darkened Room is a collection of witty, visceral, and darkly imaginative short fiction from the author of the novel The Concrete Sky. Revenge and eroticism, humor and despair, the supernatural and the everyday… Marshall Moore draws new contour lines and makes new connections in this nighttime map of the human soul.

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The Concrete Sky

My first novel. First published by Haworth Press in 2003, in both softcover and hardcover formats. Subsequently reprinted by InsightOut Books, although I have never seen a copy with my own eyes. Theoretically these exist.

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