Yikes, how’d I let so much time slip by without updating this? 

We made a strategic decision to slow down a bit with the BookCyclone launch, in order to build up our catalog.  After all, there’s no benefit in attempting fanfare when you’re launching with a relatively small number of titles.  Our developers needed more time, anyway, so when we took stock of their needs and our own, this made the most sense.  When we do launch the site, toward the end of this month, it’ll be in beta, and will stay there until this summer.  We’re looking at a Big Formal Launch Date of around July 1, or thereabouts.  Not only will this allow us to expand our catalog, it’ll also let us expand the number of e-retail channels we’re partnering with.

This is what as known as a learning curve.

There are one or two other pieces of good news.  We’re reprinting books from Andy Quan, Nury Vittachi, and Trebor Healey.  And we’ve gone to contract with The Lontar Foundation, a well-respected publisher in Indonesia.  Their specialization is English translations of Indonesian literature.  This is an exciting development — they’re going to be sending some great books our way, and we look forward to being able to increase their availability to readers worldwide.

We’re also looking ahead to the future of Typhoon Media Ltd and our imprints.  Although it would be premature to state what’s coming next, we do have a pretty concrete plan for what will happen once BookCyclone is fully up and running.  This is incredibly exciting.  At times I still boggle that I started all this a couple of years ago, and now it’s all coming together… perhaps not quite as fast as I had expected, but in ways that are arguably much better, precisely because of the extra time we’ve had (on purpose or not) to develop everything.