This will be the first of a number of updates I need to make in the coming weeks, since major (and very good) changes are in the works.  While far from the largest, the first piece of news is that we've begun issuing free e-book teasers of our new Signal 8 Press releases.  After doing some research, I became convinced that since we publish many authors who are either making their debuts or who may not have a readership as large as it ought to be.  One way to get the word out, so to speak, could be via a free e-book sampler of their work.  I pitched the idea to our personnel as well as to the writers themselves.  Everyone's on board with it, so we'll try it and see how it works out.

The first of these is Chronology of an Egg by Peter Tieryas Liu.  We're using for these free e-books because neither Amazon nor Barnes & Noble supports permanently free products (or if they do, I haven't figured out how to do it).  It's available in all the formats we offer: Kindle, PDF, and ePub.  Chronology of an Egg contains two stories from Peter's debut Watering Heaven as well as several others, both new and previously published.  If you want to try his work (and you should; he's a terrific writer), you can, and if you like it, perhaps you'll buy the main attraction.

Several others are in the works.  When we release Paul Blaney's novella Handover in December, it will be accompanied by a short collection titled Hellbent.  Look for more about these in the coming weeks.  After Handover, our next book — The Gunners of Shenyang by Yu Jihui — is appearing in spring.  We may be able to release a teaser for it; we're still working on that.  My new novel Bitter Orange is next, and will be accompanied by one of these things; it will include excerpts from my first four books as well as the first chapter from the new one.  (It's still a work in progress, so I don't want to make any proclamations about what's ultimately going in.  I'm considering new work as well.)  Kirk Kjeldsen's novel Year of the Tiger follows Bitter Orange, with a fall pub date, and I can confirm that an e-book teaser is in the works for it as well.  That's as much as I'm going to say about our list for the moment.  But I'll drop some hints that some very cool books are in the pipeline, and I'm awed that we're getting to publish them.