The latest round of debugging has yielded some happy results.  PayPal is now smoothly integrated, various cosmetic fixes have been made, and we’ve been given more comprehensive instructions about how to modify various aspects of the site on our own.  All good.  Obsessive geography freaks with too much time on their hands may appreciate the fact that I had the developers add Kosovo to the drop-down menu of countries.  (Does anybody actually think the government in Pristina’s going to have second thoughts about the whole independence thing and rush back into Serbia’s embrace?  Really?)  Still to be sorted out is the whole pesky downloading thing.  I can’t quite figure out what’s going on here.  The latest e-mail from our developers suggests that it might be possible to download e-book files from the site, but when I ran a test transaction last night, PayPal transferred me back to a screen that said delivery would take place in 2 – 5 days.  Why this is still happening, I have no idea; I’d have thought it was safe to assume IT people would have experienced purchasing software online before and wouldn’t be confused about the concept of downloading.  (Perhaps they’re not, but after we’ve been working on the site this long, this should not still be happening.)  All that being said, the good thing is that a major step toward functionality has been taken.  You actually could buy an e-book via the site now, because doing so would generate an order we could then go in and fill.  The process should be automated.  As it stands, we’d have to e-mail the file manually.  Still, it’s another step in the right direction.