One thing I’ve heard throughout my time in (and at the periphery of) publishing is that things in this industry always take longer than expected.  I’m finding this is true.  Case in point: the BookCyclone website.  Our developers have been telling us they’re almost finished for a couple of months now, a message that has end up making us nuts at times.  The delivery date has seen more slippage than the Ring of Fire lately.  Although the framework of the site is up, the functionality isn’t.  Our current target is the middle of next week.  Fingers Everywhere Are Crossed.

With that being said, we’re not going to consider BookCyclone formally launched until July 1.  One of the many lessons we’ve learned is that These Things Take Time.  So if you’re arching an eyebrow and wondering WTF is going on with our launch, well, These Things Take Time, and we’re going to try to get it right.  Still not buying it?  Start a business sometime and see how much goes the way you expect it to, when you start out.  🙂