1. Lest anyone wonder, Typhoon Media Ltd is an actual limited corporation in Hong Kong.  We own a subsidiary C corp in the US, as well.  This came up recently, and I suppose I’ve sort of taken it for granted that the information was out there.  I have a feeling we need to update our websites to reflect this.  This is as good a place to start as any.

2. The BookCyclone site is going to take a few weeks longer than I had anticipated: look for a mid-January beta launch, not late December.  It’ll be worth it, though: the pages I’ve seen look great.  We’re not using Flash or Java, btw — we’ve made the decision to keep it as light and bandwidth-friendly as possible, since we’re aiming at a worldwide consumer base.  With luck, this’ll speed up the development process.

3. I’ve set up a new page on Facebook, independent of my personal account.