1. We have now officially published our first book, in the sense that you can buy it somewhere. A Pornography of Grief is now available on Amazon, both in print and via the Kindle store. Because we print via Lightning Source, it should be possible to order it via Ingram as well. (We’re still new at this stuff, so it’s entirely possible I’ve overlooked something along the way. These things happen.) In the coming days, the e-book will become available through our other e-retail channels.

The print edition will be sold here in Hong Kong via the Swindons group: Kelly & Walsh, Swindons, and the Hong Kong Book Centre. Stores are located around HK: Tsim Sha Tsui, the Landmark, CityPlaza in Taikoo Shing, and Pacific Place are the ones that come to mind. It’ll also be available from Orchid Books in Bangkok (Silom). We’re working on more, not just here in HK but also in mainland China, Seoul, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and other parts of Thailand. This is just the bare beginning. I hope to have a lot more sales-related news to share soon.

2. Several reviews for PoG have been published, and so far they’re all glowing. *happiness* Links to come, when I’m not multitasking quite so madly.

3. E-books from our (BookCyclone) first publishing partners, The Lontar Foundation (Indonesia) and Matahari Books (Malaysia) are nearing completion. The bulk of the conversion has been done; now we’re at the stage where we fix little weirdnesses like line spacing and other formatting annoyances. Look for these soon.  Also, if things go well, we’ll be signing two more contracts in the coming days.  Details to be announced soon.

4. Books 3 and 4 in the S8P pipeline are moving forward. Cover art for both is being finalized. I’m waiting for blurbs for Dispatches from the Peninsula, and I’ve begun editing Access (mercifully, it doesn’t need much more than the occasional punctuation fix). Actually, I’m also editing Book 5, which is my own, The Infernal Republic. With luck, I won’t let time slip away from me.