Essays, guest blog posts, book reviews, and other odds and ends



Guest blog: “My Open Relationship with Genre”

Rick R. Reed Reality, 5/22/2013


Guest blog: Crime and Invisibility”

Book Cover Justice, 4/26/2013


Guest blog: “Writing from the Edge of Horror”

Horror Novel Reviews, 4/12/2013


Essay: “The Things We’ve Learned along the Way”

Asian Cha, November 2011 (Issue 15)


Essay: “The Vituperation Tango: How I Moved to Korea and Learned to Love Perez Hilton”

Invert(e), Volume 1. (Suspect Thoughts Press, 2008)


Book review: Blind Fall, by Christopher Rice

Korea Herald: June 12, 2008


Book review: Duma Key, by Stephen King

Korea Herald, April 17, 2008


Book review: Literature from the ‘Axis of Evil’: Writing from Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Other Enemy Nations, A Words Without Borders Anthology

Korea Herald: February 28, 2008


Book review: I Have the Right to Destroy Myself, by Kim Young-Ha

Korea Herald: January 10, 2008


Essay: “After America”

Escape from America, June 2007


Essay: “The Lovely Rot: An Agony in 8 Fits (Introducing the Still Life Issue)”

Suspect Thoughts Journal, issue 17 (July – December 2006)


Randomness: “On Leaving: A List”

Tablet Magazine, December 2004.


Essay: “Reality Orientation/ Idiot Country”

I Do/ I Don’t (Suspect Thoughts Press, 2004). Greg Wharton and Ian Philips, Eds. (essay)


Book review: Liquor, by Poppy Z Brite

Published as “A Confederacy of Lushes”

HGLR, March-April 2004


Book review: Beijing, by Philip Gambone

Published as “In Beijing”

LBR, May-June 2003


Book review: Trio Sonata, by Juliet Sarkessian

Velvet Mafia, December 2002


Book review: Avoidance, by Michael Lowenthal

Published as “Dangerous Grounds”

HGLR, November-December 2002


Essay (creative nonfiction): “Almost”

Boyfriends from Hell (Green Candy Press, 2003). Kevin Bentley, Ed.


Essay (creative nonfiction): “Only in It for the Passport Stamp: 48 Hours in Melbourne, Australia”

Between the Palms (Haworth Press, 2004). Mike Luongo, Ed.


Book review: The Summer They Came, by William Storandt

HGLR, September-October 2002


Book review: Last Night, by Brendan Lemon

Published as “Life under Castro”

HGLR, September-October 2002


Book review: Letters to Montgomery Clift, by Noël Alumit

Velvet Mafia, June 2002


Book review: Ode to Lata, by Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla

Published as “Ode to LA”

HGLR, July-August 2002.


Book review: Milking the Moon, by Eugene Walter (as told to Katherine Clark)

Published as “No Banjo on This Knee”

HGLR, May-June 2002


Book review: Depraved Indifference, by Gary Indiana

Published as “A Leona Helmsley from Hell”

LBR, February 2002


Book review: How I Learned to Snap, by Kirk Read

Published as “Kirk Read? Read Kirk”

LBR, September 2001