Black Shapes in a Darkened Room is a collection of witty, visceral, and darkly imaginative short fiction from the author of the novel The Concrete Sky. Revenge and eroticism, humor and despair, the supernatural and the everyday… Marshall Moore draws new contour lines and makes new connections in this nighttime map of the human soul.


  • Black Shapes in a Darkened Room
  • The Right Way to Eat a Bagel
  • Sex and Dragons
  • For Your Own Good
  • Notes on a Disappearance
  • Enough Oxygen
  • It’ll Kill You If You Let It
  • Everybody Loves the Musee d’Orsay
  • Sunset Over Brittany
  • Fixed
  • Hard to Put into Words (or, The White Garden)
  • Hurricane Season
  • Sic Gloria Transit
  • In the City of Warm Red Light
  • Simon Says
  • The Glue Factory
  • There and Back
  • The Night Tattoo

Publisher: Suspect Thoughts Press (2004), Lethe Press (2009)

ISBN: 978-988-19534-5-2