My backlist books (which is to say, all of them at the moment) are now all priced at US$2.99 each.  This includes Bitter Orange but not The Queen of Statue Square, as I have no control over the latter.  In case there’s something of mine you’ve been wanting to read, now’s your chance.

CCCP, the publisher of The Queen of Statue Square, is in the process of reissuing the e-book.  Look for that to become available again in another couple/few weeks.  I do not yet know what the price will be but will post a link to it once it goes live.

There’s not much else writing-related to report.  My beta readers are still reading Murder in the Cabaret Sauvignon; two have gotten back to me, and I’m waiting to hear from three more.  The comments from the two early birds were fairly similar, giving me some good ideas and pointing out a few things I need to develop before the book is ready for publication.  I have a couple more short stories circulating.  News on that when and if they’re sold.  The Dissertation Novel is lumbering along, as well: I’ve had to go back and redo the first eight chapters in order to make sure some necessary backstory elements were in place before proceeding with the rest of the book, but that’s… coming along, I suppose.  Somehow I’m getting it done.  There’s a chance another academic conference will slow things down toward the middle of this year, as I might end up needing to do another paper — this time about the peculiar improbability of merging Western and Chinese ghost-story traditions (there are points of overlap, but they don’t fit together as well as you’d expect).  I’ll say it here publicly: I’d like to be at the halfway point on the novel by June.

As you were.