1. Not sure if I mentioned this in the previous update, but the Books Registration Office has finally issued a batch of ISBN numbers big enough to make our production backlog go away.  As with any new business endeavor, our lack of a track record has been troublesome here.  Our e-book conversions had basically come to a halt, not to put too fine a point on it.  This is a HUGE relief — we can move forward again, and we’ve got enough to accommodate the books certain other publishers had said they’d like us to do.  I think this is a major hurdle cleared for us, actually: now that the folks at the BRO seem to understand what we’re doing, we won’t be on a 10-at-a-time slow drip like before, and we’ll be able to keep up with our production needs.

2. The launch of the Cyclone site is an ongoing endeavor.  I’ve just uploaded another batch of books.  I didn’t want to do everything all at once, on the odd chance some yet-undiscovered bug were to wipe them out.  The name field has disappeared.  Several other things are still wonky.  But it’s progress, at least.

3. I’ve come to a philosophical realization, amid all this: you can’t give birth to an adult.  We’ve been trying.  It doesn’t work.  After numerous discussions, we’ve decided to stop pushing ourselves quite so hard.  We’re in rather good shape, all things considered, given how ambitious what we’re doing actually is.  The people we work with will probably get tired of hearing that line (You can’t give birth to an adult), but that’s how it’ll have to be.