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Inhospitable: reviews, interviews, etc.

The first few reviews, interviews, and other items of publicity are out: This wonderful review from Out in Print was published first:

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Publisher interview, pub date, next book. (!)

One of the cool things about having a book coming out is being interviewed. I enjoy the process so much more now that it takes place mostly online. Back in 2003, when The Concrete Sky was about to be published, a friend who...

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On banned words at the CDC.

I would like to offer an invitation and a challenge. I have a fairly broad level of scientific literacy, an MA in applied linguistics, and a PhD in creative writing. If the Trump administration thinks it can ban the CDC from...

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More on the new stuff.

Earlier today, I finished a new short story I’d been working on for a couple of months, “The Trousers Had Opinions of Their Own.” This was one of those peculiar stories that came to me out of nowhere. Or not:...

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Huge news. I’ll get to the point. I’ve sold Inhospitable, the novel I wrote for my PhD. Camphor Press in Taipei will be releasing it sometime in mid-2018, probably May or thereabouts. I’m very pleased (honest)...

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Update, plus a few random musings.

Here’s the latest. There’s a new publication impending, a scholarly article on the subject of writer’s block. “Articulate Walls: Writer’s Block and the Academic Creative” (I think that’s...

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Two recent academic conferences

In other news, I’ve just returned from a trip to Barcelona and London. In both cities, I presented papers at academic conferences. In Barcelona, I attended the conference III Congreso Internacional Visiones de lo...

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