Just in case it’s not, I’ll keep this super-short:

1. I’ve just done a mass upload to Google Editions.  The details of their e-book program have become clearer recently, and I’ve decided our several-month moratorium should end.  All of our titles — both Signal 8 Press and BookCyclone — should appear in Google’s ebookstore soon.  I have not yet seen the Android market, the Google store, or whatever, but by integrating buy links to our site (except for a number of books we haven’t added yet) as well as making them available through Google’s store, that might earn us an extra buck or two.

2. Dispatches from the Peninsula goes to Lightning Source this week.  The e-books are done.  If you’d like a review copy, please contact us to request one.  (E-books only for now; it’ll be a couple-few more weeks before physical books are ready to dispatch.)

3. Our Books on Board account is finally set up.  I’ll FTP an initial batch of 5 – 10 books in the next couple of days, just to test the waters, and then we’ll send the rest.  Glad to be on board here.  (So to speak.)

4. We’ll get the remaining, not-yet-uploaded Kobo books (about 30 at this point!) sorted out.  It’s really a shame they don’t have an uploader as simple and effective as the one Google uses.  It took me less than 10 minutes to upload 30 books just now.  I’m impressed.  Those folks know how to make a Java gizmo that actually works.

5. If you’re in the Bay Area, you should check out Philip Huang’s reading at Books Inc in the Castro, at (I believe) 7pm on Thursday!