1. At this point, the debugging is mainly cosmetic, with one troublesome exception: actually completing the financial transaction and then downloading the chosen e-book file onto the customer’s computer.  The developers are trying to track down whatever the glitch is that’s keeping this from happening as it’s supposed to.  I hope it happens sometime this year. 

2. We’re also planning to add Google Checkout later this year, once we’ve sorted out the PayPal integration.  Between these two, that should give customers in most countries the option of purchasing through the BC site.  Eventually we’d like to do a full-fledged payment gateway.  However, this is not cheap, and my thinking on the matter has evolved over time: at this price point, it’s hard to make a good case for forking over yet more money for a service that would bring questionable value.

3. One of our e-book conversion vendors had a fairly catastrophic computer crash — something involving a virus that got past his anti-virus software — and lost a lot of time as a result.  This tied up the books we were doing for one publisher.  This has now been sorted out, so look forward to some interesting new additions in the next week or so.