We’ve added several new e-books to our BookCyclone line-up.  Xu Xi’s Hong Kong Rose is now on sale, as are two more titles from Silverfish Books in Malaysia: Without Anchovies and The Female Cell.  Another exciting development is the addition to 10 titles from The Lontar Foundation’s Modern Library of Indonesia series.  We’ve just gotten the production files, so it’ll take several weeks for the process of conversion, inspection, edits, and approval.  I expect to see the first of these ready by mid-July.

We’re also in the process of setting up a supplier account with Books on Board.  Look for that to come online in the next couple of weeks.  Apple has made it easier to become a content provider, as well, so we’re looking into it.  We currently use Omnilit/ARE as a portal for Apple, but if we can set up a direct relationship, naturally that would be preferable.

In Signal 8 Press news, When the de la Cruz Family Danced is off to a promising start.  All the copies at the book launch sold out.  Advance orders are encouraging (even more so since we’re a press no one has heard of).  The author, Donna Miscolta, deserves high praise for her efforts on behalf of her book: she has really gotten behind it, and it’s going to pay off.

Dispatches from the Peninsula is now back from the book designers, and looking very handsome in Garamond.  Once the remaining blurbs (which we can put in, ourselves) come in, we’ll get it ready in Lightning Source and will have the e-book conversion done.

The cover for Xu Xi’s Access is basically done, and it’s stunning.  Look for that soon, as well.